Glen Powell’s Glasses in the Anyone but You Movie

In the 2023 American romantic comedy film “Anyone but You,” Glen Powell portrayed charismatic Goldman Sachs employee Ben. As Ben, he wore a pair of square sunglasses with a brown frame.


Robert Downey Jr. Wears Aviator Glasses at the Oscars 2024

Robert Downey Jr. achieved a pinnacle of cinematic accolade at the 96th Academy Awards when he secured the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer.”


Sydney Sweeney’s Glasses in the Madame Web Movie

In the 2024 superhero movie “Madame Web,” rising star Sydney Sweeney captivated audiences with her portrayal of Julia Cornwall. As Julia, she wore a pair of round eyeglasses with gradient frames.


Ethan Krum’s Glasses in The Tourist

In the gripping BBC One thriller series “The Tourist,” Greg Larsen takes on the role of Ethan Krum. As Ethan, he captivated audiences with his complex character and distinct choice of eyewear: aviator eyeglasses.


Tsujioke Yosuke’s Glasses in the House of Ninjas TV Show

In the gripping Netflix TV show “House of Ninjas,” Takayuki Yamada embodies the complex character of Tsujioke Yosuke in his round metal eyeglasses.


Sofía Vergara’s Sunglasses in the Griselda TV Show

In the highly anticipated Netflix crime drama “Griselda,” Sofía Vergara as Griselda Blanco stuns in a pair of oversized square sunglasses.


Andy García’s Sunglasses in the Pain Hustlers Movie

In the gripping 2023 Netflix crime drama “Pain Hustlers,” Andy García, portraying the enigmatic Dr. Jack Neel, effortlessly catches the eye with a pair of distinctively stylish sunglasses — round, tortoiseshell frames with dark lenses, reminiscent of the classic RAY-BAN RB4222.


Jacob Elordi’s Sunglasses in the Saltburn Movie

In the psychological thriller “Saltburn,” Felix Catton, portrayed by Australian actor Jacob Elordi, wears the iconic RAY-BAN RB2140 ORIGINAL WAYFARER sunglasses. These classic sunglasses complement his laid-back, aristocratic style and deepen our understanding of his character.


Barry Keoghan’s Eyeglasses in the Saltburn Movie

In the provocative 2023 thriller “Saltburn,” the character Oliver Quick, portrayed by Irish actor Barry Keoghan, wears a pair of SILHOUETTE 4545 rimless eyeglasses. These glasses, known for their minimalist and sophisticated design, showcase subtlety and elegance.


Ryan Gosling’s Sunglasses in the Barbie Movie

In the 2023 film “Barbie,” Ryan Gosling steps into the stylish shoes of Ken, turning heads with his performance and fashion choices. A standout accessory from his wardrobe is the SAINT LAURENT 214 KATE sunglasses.

Brad Pitt’s Eyewear Gallery: Sunglasses & Glasses of The Hollywood A-Lister

In this post, we explore the diverse range of sunglasses Brad Pitt has embraced over the years, from classic aviators to modern statement pieces.

Sabrina Carpenter’s Glasses & Notable Filmography

In the photoshoots above, Sabrina Carpenter is wearing Michael Kors & John Lennon Eyewear.

Ansel Elgort’s Sunglasses & Notable Filmography

In these screencaps from his performances in The Goldfinch and Baby Driver, Ansel wears RayBan.