Jacob Elordi’s Sunglasses in the Saltburn Movie


In the psychological thriller “Saltburn,” Felix Catton, portrayed by Australian actor Jacob Elordi, wears the iconic RAY-BAN RB2140 ORIGINAL WAYFARER sunglasses. These classic sunglasses complement his laid-back, aristocratic style and deepen our understanding of his character.

The RAY-BAN ORIGINAL WAYFARER is synonymous with timeless style and effortless cool. These sunglasses have long been associated with a blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics, making them a favored choice for those with a taste for enduring fashion. Their distinctive shape suits a variety of face types, and their design conveys a sense of both sophistication and approachability.

RAY-BAN RB2140 – ORIGINAL WAYFARER in black with green lenses.

For Felix Catton, the sunglasses are both a fashion statement and an extension of his persona. Coming from an affluent background, Felix exudes charm and confidence, and his choice of sunglasses reflects this. The Wayfarer, with its bold yet classic look, parallels Felix’s own nature: seemingly open and engaging, yet with an underlying complexity. Its timeless design complements his manipulative and self-centered traits, masking his true intentions behind a veneer of charisma and poise.

Directed by Emerald Fennell, “Saltburn” presents a riveting narrative set against the backdrop of aristocratic privilege and deceit. Felix Catton’s role, crucial to the unfolding of the plot, is brilliantly executed by Jacob Elordi. His portrayal of a character who is both captivating and emotionally manipulative adds depth to the film’s theme of appearance versus reality. Overall, “Saltburn” has captured audiences’ attention for its compelling storyline, remarkable cinematography, and the nuanced performances of its cast.