Tsujioke Yosuke’s Glasses in the House of Ninjas TV Show


In the gripping Netflix TV show “House of Ninjas,” Takayuki Yamada embodies the complex character of Tsujioke Yosuke in round metal eyeglasses.

Yosuke serves as the main antagonist in “House of Ninjas,” a series that explores the turbulent lives of a ninja family forced to confront their legacy amidst a brewing crisis. As the 19th leader of the Fuma clan and the founder of the Gentenkai cult, Yosuke is notorious for cultivating yellow flowers, a source of a lethal toxin. His path to villainy was paved six years prior, following a confrontation with Haru, a member of the Tawara family. Humiliated by his defeat and mercy spared by Haru, Yosuke’s vow for revenge transforms him into a formidable foe, seeking strength to annihilate the Tawaras using the very weapon he intended to wield, Gaku.

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The round metal eyeglasses Yosuke wears are a window into his soul. Characterized by their simple yet elegant design, these glasses symbolize his calculated and introspective nature. Their classic appeal projects an air of sophistication and intelligence, traits often attributed to antagonists of his caliber. In Yosuke’s case, the glasses serve as a visual cue to his meticulous planning and the depth of his vendetta.

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“House of Ninjas” is a thrilling action series that debuted on Netflix in 2024, drawing viewers into the shadowy world of a ninja family grappling with their ancestral roots. Created by American director and writer Dave Boyle, this series offers a compelling mix of drama, suspense, and action.