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1-800-GET-LENS Our Story

From Mail to Victory

In the community of McLean, Virginia, a visionary optician named Billie Odom embarked on a journey that would change how people purchase contact lenses. It was in 1994 when he founded Contact Lens Depot Inc., which later became known as 1-800-GET-LENS.

Billie's innovative approach was to sell contact lenses by mail order, a unique method at the time. However, this decision was met with resistance from some of the key players in the industry. After discovering his unconventional sales method, Ciba Vision Corporation, now known as Alcon, refused to sell contact lenses to him.

"When they found out I was a mail-order company, they just shut my account off," Billie Odem said in an article in The Washington Post on May 14, 1997. "As of that time, I had to buy lenses from secondary sources, which charged me $2 to $4 more per lens."

Undeterred by the refusal, Billie was forced to acquire lenses from other sources, albeit at a higher cost. Though he had to pass these increased costs to the consumers, his determination never wavered. His vision was clear, and he wanted to make contact lenses accessible to everyone.

His perseverance paid off in May 1997, when Contact Lens Depot Inc and other mail-order providers won a significant victory. Ciba Vision settled allegations with 26 state attorney generals that they had illegally inflated prices to sell its products to discount contact lens distributors. The settlement allowed Contact Lens Depot to drop its prices by 30 percent, a massive win for the company and its customers.

The battle for fair pricing didn't end there. Similar lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson and Bausch & Lomb Inc followed the case against Ciba Vision. The pharmaceutical companies argued that it was dangerous for patients to order prescriptions without seeing an optician. However, in 2001, 32 U.S. State Attorney Generals successfully sued the contact lens manufacturers and the American Optometric Association, accusing them of collusion in a "doctors-only" distribution policy. This policy sought to cut out discount retailers, driving prices up on contact lenses, thus further restricting consumer choices.

Amidst these legal triumphs, Contact Lens Depot achieved $1.4 million in annual sales in 2001 and transformed, adopting the memorable name 1-800-GET-LENS. Though the name changed, the company's commitment to its mission remained steadfast: to provide high-quality contact lenses to consumers seeking convenience and cost savings.

In 2004, Billie Odem passed away, but his legacy endures. Today, 1-800-GET-LENS operates as a testament to his vision and the collective efforts of those who believe in a more accessible and affordable future for contact lens wearers. Our mission has stayed the same, and we are proud to continue the legacy of innovation and dedication that has shaped our industry for nearly three decades. Come and experience the convenience and savings that have made 1-800-GET-LENS a trusted name in eye care.

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