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Our online vision test is quick, easy, and an accurate way to renew your prescription.

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How it works

1. Patient Eligibility

Most people are eligible. It only takes a minute or so.

2. Enter Your Prescription

Enter your parameters from your box or your old RX.

3. Vision Test

All you need is your contact lenses (or eyeglasses), your computer, a smartphone and 10 feet of space.

4. Ophthalmologist Review

Our Board Certified Ophthalmologist will review the results of your test and renew your prescription.

The decision is clear

Vision Test
In-office Rx Renewal
Time 10 minutes (FDA approved) 1 hour + travel time
Cost $15.99 $120 (avg) + travel cost
Doctor review
When Anytime Dr. hours (9am-5pm)
Location Anywhere Dr. office
(travel & reception room wait)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are online vision tests actually effective?

Absolutely! Our online vision exam is approved by the FDA and conducted by board-certified ophthalmologists in your state, who perform the examinations and issue prescriptions according to their professional assessment. While the online vision test doesn't replace a comprehensive in-person eye exam, it enables you to renew an existing prescription if you're satisfied with your current vision correction.

What's the process for taking the online vision test?

The online vision test is a convenient and cost-effective method to obtain a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. It involves five straightforward steps: 1. Verify your eligibility for the test. 2. Complete the test using your smartphone and computer screen, which takes about 10 minutes. 3. Wait for a board-certified ophthalmologist to review your test data, medical history, and previous prescription before issuing your prescription renewal or providing further clinical guidance, typically within 24 hours. 4. Access your new prescription once the ophthalmologist has approved it or given other clinical advice. 5. Use this prescription to purchase contact lenses or eyeglasses through your secure account.

Can I do an eye test online?

Yes, you can perform an eye test online. The FDA has approved a vision acuity test that can be administered online for prescription renewal (glasses and contacts). 1-800-GET-LENS offers this test online.

Can the online vision test assess my overall eye health?

The online vision test is not designed to substitute for a comprehensive eye health examination. It utilizes online technology to enable a licensed ophthalmologist to evaluate your visual acuity and a part of your ocular health profile, issuing a prescription for corrective eyewear when clinically appropriate. If your eyes are in good health and your vision is clear, the American Academy of Ophthalmologists recommends undergoing a complete exam by an ophthalmologist once in your 20s and twice in your 30s.

Is a prior prescription necessary to take the online eye exam?

Yes, a previous prescription is required for all patients seeking an updated prescription. This allows the ophthalmologist to understand your vision history and provide the most accurate and comfortable prescription possible. If you are a first-time contact lens wearer, you must undergo an in-person contact lens fitting with an eye care professional to ensure the lenses fit correctly.

What does your refund policy entail for your online eye exam?

Our refund policy guarantees you'll receive a prescription you're happy with or your money back. If you're unsatisfied with your vision using glasses or contacts purchased with your new prescription, inform us, and we will either rectify the issue or provide a full refund. Refund requests must be made within 30 days of receiving your prescription.

How frequently should one take an online vision exam?

Online vision exams primarily cater to contact lens and glasses wearers seeking prescription renewals. Therefore, you should take online vision tests when your prescription expires and when you need to buy prescription glasses or contacts. The interval between exams can vary based on the individual and their U.S. state laws, but it's generally once every 1 to 2 years. In addition to comprehensive in-person eye exams, you can depend on online vision tests for prescription renewals every 1 to 2 years.

Where is my new prescription valid for use?

Your new prescription is valid for use throughout the United States. A board-certified ophthalmologist licensed in your state will sign your prescription, making it acceptable at any location that sells contact lenses within the country.

Which payment options do you accept?

We accept many payment methods, including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express (even those with FSA/HSA funds). If you have vision insurance, you can file a claim for the cost of our vision test. While many vision insurance plans provide reimbursement, we cannot guarantee it.

Will I need a webcam to do an online eye exam?

You won't need a webcam to take our online eye exam. You need a smartphone, a computer (laptop or desktop), a broadband internet connection, and a 10-foot walking space to complete the test.

What steps do I need to follow to get or print my prescription after completing the online test?

Once our ophthalmologist has issued your prescription, you'll be notified via email with a link to sign in to your account and access the prescription. You can either follow the link in the email or visit, log into your account, and navigate to "My Prescription." You can download or print your prescription from there by clicking the corresponding buttons.

Is the accuracy of online eye tests something I can rely on?

Online vision tests are reliable in assessing vision clarity, as they closely resemble in-person vision tests using a Snellen eye chart. Eye Care Professionals review the results of at-home exams. The FDA has approved the tests for renewing contact lenses and prescription glasses. However, online exams should not replace comprehensive in-person exams, which include a physical examination of the eyes and additional tests using specialized equipment to evaluate overall eye health.

Can the prescription from an online vision test be used at any store?

Yes, prescriptions acquired through online eye tests are considered as valid as those from a doctor's office and can be used at various retailers. You can purchase glasses and contact lenses from online platforms and physical stores with this prescription.

Do I still need to see an eye doctor if I take an online vision test?

Online vision tests are not a substitute replacement for comprehensive eye exams, which may only be completed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist during an office visit.

Is an online vision test the same as a telehealth appointment?

An online vision test is not considered a telehealth service. An online vision test is self-administered, while a telehealth appointment involves a live interaction with a healthcare professional who can provide a more comprehensive assessment.

Do I need a certain screen size for an online vision test?

The recommended screen size can vary depending on the specific test. Some tests are designed for computer screens, while others can be used on tablets or smartphones. It's important to follow the instructions provided by the test.

What should I do if I struggle to complete the online vision test?
If you have difficulty completing the test, this may indicate a vision problem. It's recommended to make an appointment with an eye care professional.
Are there free online vision tests?

There are free online vision tests. They often provide basic screening for visual acuity and may not include a prescription.

Can I use an online vision test if I already wear glasses or contacts?

Some online tests can be taken with your current eyewear to check if your prescription is still suitable. However, an in-person eye exam is recommended for the most accurate results.

Can I take an online vision test if I'm pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you may still be eligible for an online vision test. Be aware that pregnancy can temporarily affect your vision due to hormonal changes. An eye care professional should check when you experience any significant changes in vision.

What should I do if I have eye strain or headaches after taking an online vision test?

Eye strain or headaches following an online vision test could indicate a vision problem or simply that you've been in front of a screen for too long. If these symptoms persist, it's recommended to make an appointment with an eye care professional for a comprehensive examination.

Can I take an online vision test on behalf of someone else?

You cannot take an online vision test on behalf of someone else. The test is designed to assess the specific individual's visual acuity. Each person should take the test themselves for accurate results.

Can I share my online vision test results with my eye doctor?

You can share your online vision test results with your eye doctor. They can use it as a reference, but they will still conduct their own comprehensive tests to assess your vision and eye health.