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DorothyH Arnold

FreshLook ColorBlends

I received my contacts in a timely manner!

Michelle Lee

FreshLook ColorBlends

Very satisfied

ofelia vidal

FreshLook Colors

FreshLook Colors were exactly what I needed

Shernardecus Lawrence

FreshLook ColorBlends

I like everything

Deborah Hereford

FreshLook ColorBlends

Got my lenses at a much lower price than through my optometrist!

Teruyo Soriano

FreshLook ColorBlends

My daughter is half Filipino and half Japanese and the lens color is not too strong or soft and blends in naturally with her face. I recommend this color. Blue is too strong for Asian face and brown is too normal. It is a very good color and she has been repeating the same one from here for 8 years now.

Manju Bewtra

FreshLook ColorBlends

Good value and timely delivery.

Nancy Pelic

FreshLook Colors

FreshLook Colors are comfortable and good color

Sheila Chelidona

FreshLook Colors

I love the color! I have worn them for many years. The only thing is you have to be extremely careful with them as they do tear easily but are worth it!

Melissa Marczak