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9 things you didn't know about us.

You buy stuff online all the time. But do you know the people behind the companies or the reasons you should be buying contact lenses from a particular company. Here's your opportunity to get to know us, and buying contact lenses online, a little better. Click here for More

1. How long have we been in business?

We're not new to the contact lens game at all. In fact we're one of the oldest providers of contact lenses online. Read More

We've been selling discounted contact lenses since before the internet was created. We started in 1994 with mail order contact lenses. When the time came we made the transition to online contacts. Over the years we have shipped millions and millions of prescription contact lenses to our customers. We sell the cheapest contact lenses as well. What do we mean by a cheap or discount contact lens? We mean you pay less. Are they cheap contact lenses? Yes. Are they inferior? No way. When we say ‘cheap contacts', we mean discount contact lenses: so you save a lot of money.

2. What kind of disposable contact lenses do we carry?

All contacts are not created equal! Read More

We carry all national brands of contact lenses. The cheapest contact lenses we sell are all guaranteed to be of the exact same quality as the prescription contacts you purchase from your eye doctor, just contacts for less and without the hassle. Every pair of discount contacts we sell is approved by the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration. They're the part of the government responsible for ensuring all disposable contact lenses sold in the United States meet strict regulations for quality and safety.

3. Brands, brands - who said national name brands?

We did, of course. Read More

Acuvue from Johnson & Johnson, Focus and Air Optix from CIBA Vision - they are all here. We buy contact lenses directly from manufacturers, just like your eye doctor does. The big difference is when we purchase contact lenses we buy thousands of lenses at a time and keep the largest independent inventory of contact lenses in the U.S. How many is that? Well over seven million dollars' worth of disposable lenses.

4. But you want your contact lenses quickly.

We'll ship them to you either same day or the next business day. Read More

It works like this. Your eye doctor needs to place your order for lenses with the manufacturer. Then the contact lens order is sent to your eye doctor, they check it in and give you a call, or maybe not, at least not right away. That's why often you'll be told to come back in two weeks and your contacts will be ready. On the other hand when you order contacts online with 1-800-GET-LENS, as soon as your prescription passes verification, we reach over, take them off the shelf and send them directly to you - no middle man. Your eye doctor does not want you to order contact lenses online.

5. You can speed up your order.

Read More

There are two ways to speed up your order. The first way is to send us your valid prescription. Your eye doctor should have given it to you when you left the office - that's the law. You can then scan it, fax it or even take a picture of it with your phone and send it to us. Once we get it, we'll ship your order out to you.

The second way to speed delivery of your order is to select a different shipping method. Most of our customers select the 5-7 business day option for shipping. It's the lowest cost option and let's face it, people come to 1-800-GET-LENS to save money. If you need your contact lenses sooner, choose one of the faster methods, it'll be a bit more but you'll still save money and hassle on your overall order.

6. We'll help you make sure you never run out of contact lenses again.

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You ever have one of those panic moments when you look in the medicine cabinet and realize you're down to your last lens or worse, you're out and you 'meant' to call? We all have. When we think you're getting close to running out of contact lenses we'll let you know it's time to order contact lenses.

7. We ship well over 300,000 orders a year. What happens when one of them goes astray?

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We make it right. Just call one of our super friendly customer service people and they'll find out where they went and we'll make sure you get what you ordered expedited! You can also email us if you prefer. Either way we'll make you whole.

8. So exactly what is Buy More Save More?

It's our often imitated, never beaten savings program. Read More

When you visit the page where you find your lenses, you'll see a Buy More Save More section. It's simple. When you purchase contacts online, typically, an annual supply of disposable contacts you'll save a bundle even over our usual low prices. It's our way of passing on the savings to you. Another nice feature is you won't need to order contact lens cases anymore. We include one Free with each order.

9. What's it like placing a contact lens online order?

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Easy. Really. And the best way to experience it is to try. You'll need either your prescription, from you eye doctor, or the box with your contact lens prescription on it. Either one will do. Once you've added in the information to the order we'll do the rest. We'll get you your discounted contact lens, not a cheap contact lens, quickly and simply. We verify the prescription for all soft contact lenses and hard ones too. It couldn't be more convenient and you get to save lots of money as well!

We hope this introduction helps. If you need more information please check our FAQ's or call one of those friendly reps we spoke about earlier.