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Halloween & Costume Contact Lenses Style Guide: Character Guide & Costume Pairings

Contact lenses aren't just for vision correction anymore! When Halloween or cosplay events roll around, special-effect contact lenses can significantly amplify the overall look. But to truly capture the essence of your chosen character, it's essential to know the story behind each lens style and how best to pair them with your costume. Dive into our guide below for all things novelty contact lens related:

Featured Novelty Lenses

1. Black Sclera:

  • Character Background: The black sclera lenses cover the majority of the visible eye, giving a haunting, alien, or otherworldly appearance.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: Alien, demon, supernatural beings, or any horror-inspired look.
black sclera

2. Ichigo:

  • Character Background: Ichigo Kurosaki from the anime/manga series "Bleach." When in his hollow form, his eyes are distinctive.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: Ichigo's black and white hollow form outfit with the accompanying mask.

3. Bella (Twilight):

  • Character Background: Bella Swan, after transforming into a vampire, boasts striking red eyes that eventually turn amber.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: A vampire ensemble, especially Bella's chic outfits from the later "Twilight" films.

4. Akira (anime):

  • Character Background: From the renowned anime/manga series "Akira." Characters in this world have distinctive eyes due to various reasons, including psychic powers.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: Tetsuo or Kaneda's biker outfits.

5. Darth Maul (Star Wars):

  • Character Background: Sith Lord with bright yellow and red eyes.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: Darth Maul's black and red facial tattoos and Sith robes.
Darth Maul

6. Berzerk (Manga):

  • Character Background: Characters from the dark fantasy manga "Berserk," especially when they undergo transformations.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: Guts in his Berserker armor or Griffith in his Femto form.

7. Mad Hatter:

  • Character Background: From "Alice in Wonderland," the Mad Hatter has unique, slightly wild eyes.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: A flamboyant Victorian-era suit, top hat, and colorful accessories.
Mad Hatter

8. Dune Eyes:

  • Character Background: In Frank Herbert's "Dune," the Fremen's blue-within-blue eyes result from the spice melange.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: Fremen stillsuits or other Arrakis-inspired attire.

9. Katana (comic book character):

  • Character Background: A DC Comics' heroine, Katana's eyes can vary, but sometimes they have a distinct appearance due to her mystical sword.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: Samurai-inspired outfit with her signature mask.

10. Lycan:

  • Character Background: Lycans or werewolves have yellow or golden eyes.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: Werewolf costume, preferably with faux fur and fangs.

11. Jun-on:

  • Character Background: From the Japanese horror movie "Ju-on" (The Grudge). The characters have a haunting, pale look with stark eyes.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: Tattered white dress or robe, with pale makeup.

12. Saw character:

  • Character Background: The infamous Jigsaw from the "Saw" movies has a puppet named Billy with distinctive red spirals on his cheeks and dark, piercing eyes.
  • Recommended Costume Pairing: Jigsaw's black and red robe or Billy the puppet's tuxedo.

Novelty contact lenses can truly bring a character to life, providing an authentic look that makes all the difference. When choosing your lenses, always consider their origin and the story behind them. It will not only elevate your costume but also provide a conversation starter with fellow enthusiasts. Remember, always prioritize eye safety and only purchase FDA-approved lenses from a reputable seller such as 1-800-GET-LENS. Happy cosplaying!

Halloween and Costume Contact Lenses: Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone wear Halloween or costume contact lenses?

Most people can wear Halloween or costume contact lenses, but it's essential to consult with an optometrist to ensure they're a good fit for your eyes and to obtain a prescription.

Are prescription and non-prescription/plano costume lenses available?

Yes, we offer both prescription and non-prescription lenses to accommodate those who need vision correction and those who don't. You must obtain a prescription however in every case, even if you are buying plano lenses (contacts with no power).

Is it safe to wear costume contact lenses?

When purchased from a reputable retailer like us, and when used correctly and responsibly, costume contact lenses are safe. All lenses sold by 1-800-GET-LENS, even our novelty lenses, are FDA-approved. However, it's still vital to follow proper lens care and not wear them longer than recommended.

Do I need a prescription for cosmetic lenses if I don't need vision correction?

Yes, even for purely cosmetic lenses, it's legally required in the US to have a prescription to ensure they fit properly and are safe for your eyes.

How long can I wear my Halloween contact lenses?

The wear time varies by lens type. However, most costume lenses are designed for short-term wear, typically no longer than 8 hours. Always check the product information and follow any provided guidelines.

Can I sleep with my costume contact lenses in?

No, it's not advised to sleep with costume lenses in. They should be removed, cleaned, and stored properly each night. There are lenses designed for overnight wear, but cosmetic lenses are not designed for this purpose.

How should I care for my Halloween contact lenses?

Just like regular contacts, they should be cleaned with contact lens solution after each use, stored in a clean case with fresh solution, and never shared with others.

How long do costume contact lenses last?

It depends on the type and brand. Some are designed for single-use, while others can last up to a month or a year with proper care. Check the product details for specific information. Most of the lenses sold on 1-800-GET-LENS are 62% polymacon, soft contact lenses and can be worn for up to 1 week (removed and cleaned each night).

Can I return or exchange my lenses if they don't fit or are uncomfortable?

For health and safety reasons, we typically don't accept returns or exchanges on opened contact lenses. If you experience discomfort, remove the lenses immediately and consult with an optometrist.

Do you offer international shipping for Halloween and costume contact lenses?

No, we do offer international shipping options. Please check our shipping and delivery section for further details. Remember, safety comes first. Always consult with an eye care professional before purchasing or wearing any contact lenses, including cosmetic lenses.