Ethan Krum’s Glasses in The Tourist


In the gripping BBC One thriller series “The Tourist,” multi-award-winning Australian actor Greg Larsen takes on the role of Ethan Krum. As Ethan, he captivated audiences with his complex character and distinct choice of eyewear: aviator eyeglasses.

Ethan is introduced as the fiancé of Probationary Constable Helen Chambers, a determined and ambitious new cop whose life becomes intertwined with the mysterious Man’s quest for identity. While Helen’s dedication to her case signifies her commitment to justice and truth, it inadvertently puts a strain on her relationship with Ethan. This dynamic unfolds in a narrative where personal ambition and professional duty clash, casting Ethan in a less favorable light. His interactions with Helen and the Man offer a glimpse into his complexities and the challenges of balancing personal relationships with professional obligations.

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Aviator eyeglasses such as those worn by Ethan have transcended their functional beginnings to become a timeless symbol of style. Originally designed for pilots, these oversized teardrop shape glasses with thin metal frames are a nod to a bygone era of exploration and innovation.

In “The Tourist,” Ethan’s choice of aviator eyeglasses could be seen as an extension of his personality. Aviators are often associated with boldness, a sense of adventure, and a classic style that transcends fashion trends. For Ethan, the aviators might symbolize a desire to assert a certain identity or exude a confidence that he feels is necessary to maintain his relationship and social standing. But considering Ethan’s complex role in the show, his eyeglasses could also hint at a veneer of confidence hiding vulnerabilities or insecurities, reflecting the timeless appeal of aviators while subtly questioning the authenticity of the persona they help project.

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“The Tourist” is a thrilling journey set against the sprawling, sun-soaked backdrop of the Australian Outback, directed by the talented duo of Chris Sweeney and Daniel Nettheim. The series weaves together mystery, action, and drama, captivating viewers with its unique storyline and rich character development. With critical acclaim and a strong reception from audiences worldwide, “The Tourist” stands out as a testament to the power of storytelling and character craftsmanship, where even a pair of eyeglasses can become a pivotal element of a character’s identity.