Ryan Gosling’s Sunglasses in the Barbie Movie


In the 2023 film “Barbie,” Ryan Gosling steps into the stylish shoes of Ken, turning heads with his performance and fashion choices. A standout accessory from his wardrobe is the SAINT LAURENT 214 KATE sunglasses.

The SAINT LAURENT 214 KATE is a bold pair of sunglasses marked by their sharp, outward-pointing corners. A modern take on classic aesthetics, the design features a distinctive butterfly shape that gives them an edgy look.

SAINT LAURENT 214 KATE in black with nylon lenses.

In the scene where these sunglasses make their appearance, Ken undergoes a transformation. The normally cheerful and supportive Ken adopts a more brooding and assertive attitude as he introduces patriarchy to Barbieland and takes over Barbie’s Dreamhouse. In effect, Ken’s sunglasses are a visual cue to the audience that there’s more to Ken than meets the eye. This choice of accessory adds a layer of sophistication to his character, suggesting an intriguing blend of charm and mystery.

Overall, the appearance of Ryan Gosling’s sunglasses in “Barbie” has resonated with fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. It highlights the impact of costume design in character development and storytelling.

“Barbie” is a vibrant and whimsical adaptation of the iconic doll’s world. Directed by Greta Gerwig, it stars Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. It has garnered significant box office success since its release, raking in over $1.4 billion as of January 2024.