Sofía Vergara’s Sunglasses in the Griselda TV Show


In the highly anticipated Netflix crime drama “Griselda,” Sofía Vergara as Griselda Blanco stuns in a pair of oversized square sunglasses.

Griselda is a notorious Colombian drug lord in the underworld of Miami, Florida, in the 1980s. A devoted mother, she created one of the most profitable cocaine cartels in history, eventually becoming the “Godmother of Cocaine.” As the series progresses, Griselda’s unique blend of savagery and charisma helps her to balance family and underground business.

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Oversized square sunglasses, such as those worn by Vergara in “Griselda,” add a tasteful accent to any look. Designed for style mavens of all ages, oversized square sunglasses combine modern sensibilities with classic elegance.

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Directed by Andrés Baiz and produced by Eric Newman and Sofía Vergara, “Griselda” follows crime boss Griselda Blanco and her rise in the Miami drug world. During its debut week, “Griselda” hit number one in 89 countries. The show also received generally positive reviews from critics, with praise for Vergara’s performance.