Glen Powell’s Glasses in the Anyone but You Movie


In the 2023 American romantic comedy film “Anyone but You,” Glen Powell portrayed charismatic Goldman Sachs employee Ben. As Ben, he wore a pair of square sunglasses with a brown frame.

Ray-Ban RB2140 – Original Wayfarer in black.

Glen Powell’s Ben in “Anyone But You” shares a complex relationship with Sydney Sweeney’s character, Bea. The film explores their tumultuous dynamics, marked by miscommunications and a dramatic wedding scenario. Ben’s actions, especially his grand gesture of jumping into the ocean and being airlifted to profess his love, underline his deep feelings for Bea. Their story unfolds with humor and heart, exploring themes of love, regret, and reconciliation against the backdrop of a wedding that pushes them together​.

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Directed by Will Gluck, “Anyone but You” is a 2023 romantic comedy film that revolves around two people who, after their respective breakups, are determined not to fall in love again, especially not with each other. As they navigate their personal challenges, they find themselves increasingly drawn to one another despite their initial reluctance. Glen Powell stars in the box office hit alongside Sydney Sweeney.