Barry Keoghan’s Eyeglasses in the Saltburn Movie


In the provocative 2023 thriller “Saltburn,” the character Oliver Quick, portrayed by Irish actor Barry Keoghan, wears a pair of SILHOUETTE 4545 rimless eyeglasses. These glasses, known for their minimalist and sophisticated design, showcase subtlety and elegance.

Rimless glasses are typically associated with a refined, intellectual aesthetic and favored by those seeking a subtle yet stylish accessory that doesn’t overpower their features. Rimless glasses enhance rather than dominate the wearer’s appearance, and their versatile style aligns seamlessly with various fashion sensibilities, from the professional to the creatively chic.


In “Saltburn,” Oliver’s eyewear aligns with his complex character. A vengeful and manipulative individual, he hides his true intentions behind a façade of vulnerability. The glasses contribute to this disguise, offering a look of harmlessness and intelligence, while masking his sinister nature. This choice of eyewear subtly reinforces the narrative of a character who is constantly manipulating perceptions, using his outward appearance to deceive those around him.

“Saltburn,” directed by Emerald Fennell, is a gripping tale set in the mid-2000s, revolving around the dark and twisted machinations of Oliver Quick at Oxford University. His unsettling journey of manipulation and deceit is masterfully portrayed by Keoghan. “Saltburn” garnered significant attention upon release and became a trending topic for its stellar performances, cinematography, and storyline. The film’s success is a testament to its compelling narrative and the powerful impact of its visual elements, including Oliver’s SILHOUETTE 4545 glasses.