Will Smith’s Glasses in the “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” Movie


In “Bad Boys: Ride or Die (2024),” Will Smith reprised his role as the charismatic Detective Lieutenant (Det. Lt.) Michael Eugene “Mike” Lowrey.

As Det. Lt. Lowrey, Smith wore a pair of classic square aviators in key outdoor scenes. The shades add a touch of style to his character’s presence in the fourth and latest installment of this action-packed series.

Burberry BE3081 in gunmetal.

In this movie, Lowrey finds himself entangled in a complex plot to clear the name of his late captain, Conrad Howard (played by Joe Pantoliano). The story reveals Howard as a victim of false accusations involving a conspiracy, and it is this twist that brings both emotional depth and high stakes to Lowrey’s mission.

Together with his long-time partner and best friend, Marcus Burnett (played by Martin Lawrence), Lowrey navigates intense action sequences that display his dedication and sharp instincts.

Throughout the film, Lowrey’s character also embodies a blend of relentless determination and suave charisma, which his square sunglasses underscore.

What Is So Good About Aviators?

Square aviator sunglasses are a key part of Det. Lt. Lowrey’s look and style in “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.” They fit perfectly with his “cool cop” aesthetic and complement his high-stakes, action-filled lifestyle.

But why exactly are aviators a classic choice when it comes to sunglass styles?

For one, aviators are highly versatile. They suit a variety of face shapes, meaning they are universally flattering.

The defined lines of square aviator sunglasses also offer a contemporary twist on the classic aviator shape, which traditionally features more rounded lenses.

Also, the bold frame of square aviators makes them a standout accessory that can elevate any outfit.

How to Style Aviator Sunglasses

Eager to channel Will Smith’s cop chic in the “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” movie? Follow these styling tips:

  1. For an effortless everyday look, pair square aviators with a crisp button-down shirt and well-fitted jeans. The good thing about this outfit is it works well for both casual outings and more formal events.
  2. For business casual attire, pair square aviators with a blazer and chinos. This strikes the perfect balance between professional and trendy. It is ideal for office environments that allow a touch of personal style.
  3. For a fun and sporty look, pair square aviators with a bomber jacket and sneakers. This outfit reflects a more laid-back style that’s great for weekends or casual meet-ups.
  4. For dressy occasions, wear square aviators with a tailored suit (or a sleek dress). This creates a polished appearance that still nods to a fun, adventurous spirit.

Directed by Adil & Bilall, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” continues the saga with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The film also stars Joe  Pantoliano, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Paola Núñez, Jacob Scipio, John Salley, and DJ Khaled,who reprise their roles from previous installments. Tasha Smith joins the cast as Theresa Burnett. Released on June 7, 2024, the film grossed over $360 million worldwide on a $100 million budget. It was well-received by fans and critics alike.