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Novelty Contacts FAQs

Novelty (Halloween, Special Effect, FX, Theatrical) Lens FAQ

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Can I use an eye-glass prescription to purchase your contact lenses?

No. Your lenses prescription cannot be transferred to purchase Novelty lenses. Your eye care provider is the only one authorized to give a lens or contact lens prescription.

Are Novelty lenses used in popular movies to create haunting effects?

Yes, Novelty Lenses are commonly used in popular movies to create a scary effect. Our line of movie themed Novelty lenses are designed to create looks similar to vampires, Darth Maul, the Living Dead, Darth Vader, Happy Leprechaun and other characters popular in haunting themed movies.

Can I wear Novelty lenses if I wear glasses?

Yes, Novelty lenses can be worn in at the same time as prescription lenses. Those with a prescription can wear the lenses behind their glasses. Novelty lenses are best taken care of when a proper cleaning routine is in place, similar to the cleaning routine of normal lenses.

What is a scleral lens?

Scleral lenses are designed to conceal the sclera, or white part, of the eye. Covering the white part of the eye results in a terrifying look often associated with zombies or Fremen from the science fiction movie Dune.

Are Novelty lenses considered safe for the eyes?

Yes?in fact, they have been approved by the FDA as healthy lenses to wear when worn in the proper way. sells Novelty lenses alongside other high quality, approved lenses.

Can I purchase multiple designs of the Novelty contact lenses along with my prescription?

Yes. You can order as many lenses as you would like with your prescription, as it was written for the type of contact lens. We encourage customers to try various designs.

Do I need a prescription from an eye doctor to buy Novelty Contact Lenses?

Yes. We verify the contact lens prescription of all U.S. customers in order to ensure we comply with prescription regulations.

Can people with a stigmatism use Novelty lenses?

Patients with a stigmatism can wear Novelty lenses for short periods of time. However, Novelty lenses are not currently offered in toric parameters, so patients will need to contact their eye doctor to determine which non-toric prescription might be the best fit. We suggest if you have astigmatism, you avoid our Novelty lenses that require a precise orientation on the eye. Some designs, like the Banshee, are oriented upward and down so this design would not be a good fit and will end up looking out of place. Lenses like our Vader model that doesn't have a specific orientation, or scleral lenses that won't move, might be the best option.

Can I get a Novelty lens in my prescription?

Yes, if the lens design is machine made, and therefore able to be corrected. Many of our designs are hand-painted and currently only available without correction. offers an assortment of designs, colors and prescriptions. Order early as we approach Halloween because the collection of Novelty lenses powers is likely to reduce.

How long can I wear Novelty contact lenses?

Novelty lenses should not be worn more than eight hours, and never worn overnight.

How many times can you wear Novelty Contact Lenses?

If you care for them properly, Novelty Contact Lenses can last for a full year. Follow the instructions for care and cleaning, especially if you wear your Novelty Contact lenses regularly.

Do Novelty Contact Lenses have an expiration date?

Once they are opened, Novelty Contact Lenses will expire in 1 year. By using the multi-purpose disinfection solution weekly, wearers can ensure their Novelty Contact lenses will last.

How many days do I have to wait for my Novelty Contact Lenses at ships your Novelty Contact Lenses within 2-3 business days. From the time you order to the time your lenses are shipped, we work to process the order and verify the RX. In order to make sure you receive your lenses in time for a special event or party, plan ahead by ordering early. With the standard delivery options, customers can expect to have their Novelty Contact Lenses in 7 - 9 days from the order date.

I want to receive my Novelty contact lenses before October 31st? Should I place my order now?

Yes, because ordering early increases your chances of receiving the exact lenses you want before Halloween. Lenses can take up to 7 to 9 days to be delivered, and due to the busy Halloween season, it is best to order early.

I have a prescription for plus power. Can I get Novelty contact lenses?

Some Novelty contact lenses are plus power designed, but we make fewer than other prescriptions. The earlier you place your order, the more likely it is we will have them in stock.

What information is required to order Novelty contact lenses?

Customers ordering plano lenses, or corrected lenses will need to provide the name of their eye physician in order to confirm they can wear Novelty contact lenses.

I already have a contact lens prescription. Can I use it to order Novelty lenses?

No. Customers need to get a new prescription in order to purchase Novelty Contact Lenses, which are very different from other prescription lenses (Special Effect, Theatrical, Halloween, FX).

Are Novelty contact lenses approved for overnight wear or extended wear?

No. Novelty Contact lenses are approved for wearing less than 8 hours. Customers who do not follow these instructions risk damaging their eyesight.

Are Novelty Contact Lenses safe to wear while driving on the road?

No. Wearing Novelty Contact Lenses will alter and affect peripheral vision and therefore it is not safe to operate machinery or drive a car while wearing Novelty Contact Lenses. One solution is to bring your lenses and wear them once you have safely reached your destination.

Can someone else wear my Novelty lenses?

No. Sharing contact lenses can lead to serious eye infections and diseases. Since all Novelty contact lens customers have been approved by presenting a prescription from an eye doctor, sharing lenses can lead to improper fitting. Customers who wish to share should instead each purchase a separate pair.

How are Novelty Contact Lenses priced?

Novelty Contact Lenses are sold individually by vial, with one lens per vial.

Can I get a refund on my Novelty contact lenses?

No, all sales are final. We cannot offer refunds, returns or exchanges at this time.

What do I do if the contact lenses don't fit properly?

By consulting with your eye care doctor before purchasing Novelty Contact Lenses, you lessen the risk of problems associated with improper fit. Since contact lenses cannot be exchanged or returned, it is imperative you see an eye doctor who can recommend the best fit for your eyes.

Can everyone wear Novelty Contact Lenses?

No, not everyone can find their exact fit in contact lenses. For those who have worn standard RGP lenses or soft contact lenses, ordering Novelty lenses from is viable.

Will my regular eye color be visible through Novelty Contact Lenses?

Typically, no. Novelty Contact Lenses will appear different on each individual depending on their eye color and the exact shade of their underlying sclera.

Is there any kind of special care regimen for my Novelty Contact Lenses?

In addition to your Novelty Contact Lenses, you will receive a free lens case. It is recommended you purchase a multi-purpose solution as well so you can properly maintain your Novelty Contact lenses like any regular lenses. Your eye care doctor can provide additional instructions on the best way to care for your lenses.

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