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Biofinity Toric

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Biofinity Toric Reviews

Rating: 4.8/5
- 10 reviews

Biofinity Toric

By: Steve Calkins


Good for the money... Not sure how the oxygen permeability stacks up compared to other brands, but they have given me no problems wearing them one month, then discarding.

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Biofinity Toric

By: Anonymous

Not disappointed

Biofinity is the best contacts I have ever worn. After my last brand (bausch and lomb) I was on the verge of swearing off of contacts completely and sticking to my glasses. I am truly grateful that biofinity changed my mind completely. I gave 4 stars because shipping was not as prompt as I would have liked. If coudl have been the Rx verification process. I am not sure.

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Biofinity Toric

By: Robert O


Very very comfortable. unlike most other brands that I've tried. I won't trade these for anything. Good quality and good price

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Biofinity Toric

By: Norah

I was great changing to biofinity lenses

My astigmatism means I often have a hard time with contacts. Biofinity Toric changed all that by providing me with a comfortable and easy to use contact. They kept my eyes feeling hydrated and comfortable with great vision all day.

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Biofinity Toric

By: Ken

Supreme Comfort and Quality

Having been a gas-permeable contact user for years, eventually my eyes could no longer take hard lenses. My doc prescribed Biofinity Toric lenses as a trial and they've done wonders. They do not slide around or float and do wonders to correct my astigmatism in both eyes. They're tough enough to handle daily handling and imperceptible in the eye. A pure joy to use and well worth the cost.

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Biofinity Toric

By: Candice

These are great

These contacts are wonderful. I have very bad eyes, and i could never find contacts that fit my eyes. I am a an active person and love sports, but i am consently breaking glasses, so i got these. And they are so great. Specially for an outdoors person like myself :)

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Biofinity Toric

By: Ryan

Biofinity Toric Contact Lenses

I am new to the world of contacts. I have tried both the Biofinity Toric lenses and the Acuvue. No comparison. You really can't tell the Biofinity torics are in. The Biofinity Toric lenses are so much more comfotable its crazy! Teh Biofinity Toric price is super cheap here too.

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Biofinity Toric

By: Anonymous

14 year old wearing them

My son wanted to try contacts and since he is in 8th grade (when I started wearing mine) I thought we would give it a go. He has an astigmatism so the DR recommended the coopervision biofinity toric lenses. I call them the rolls royce of contacts. However he loves them ...he has become a pro in taking the biofinity toric lenses on and off and they have proven to be pretty durable!!!

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Biofinity Toric

By: Gail

Great New Torics!

These new Biofinity Toric contacts are the most comfortable ones I have worn yet! I got the Biofinity Torics when they came out and they are definitely going to be my lenses from now on. I got a starter box from my Doctor and now 1800GetLens is selling the Biofinity Toric lenses so now I buy biofinity torics from them!

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Biofinity Toric

By: Donnie

Coopervision Biofinity Torics

I have always worn toric lenses from Cooper vision and they have stepped up their game with the Biofinity torics. No other toric lens comes close to the fit or comfort of this lens. I haven't worn my glasses ever since I got these lenses becasue the Biofinity Torics are so comfortable!

529 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

Made from the breakthrough Aquaform material, Biofinity Toric allows greater oxygen through to the eyes, which is important if you have astigmatism as toric contact lenses tend to have a greater thickness. Biofinity Toric also possesses and maintains a high level of water to ensure the contact lens remains soft and flexible – delivering real comfort, day and night. Combining this perfect balance of high oxygen and high water content means that Biofinity Toric gives you the freedom to live life your way. Alongside this, the advanced patented design ensures high stability, which for wearers means high performance.

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Material Content

52% Polymer (comfilcon A)

Water Content

48% H2O

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