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Avaira has been discontinued by CooperVision

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Avaira Reviews

Rating: 4.9/5
- 10 reviews


By: Owen

Avaira lenses are the most comfortable

These Avaira lenses are the most comfortable contact lenses that I have ever worn! Even on my longest days these lenses keep my vision crystal-clear and my eyes hydrated and comfortable.

166 people found this review helpful.


By: Gabrielle

My eye doctor recommended Avaira

I tried out Avaira contacts as per my doctor's recommendation, and am now hooked! They feel really great on my eyes, and I no longer have to deal with red, dry and itchy eyes at the end of the day. I even wore these longer than recommended and they still worked great!<br />

181 people found this review helpful.


By: Ayden

Never had any problems with Avaira lenses

Avaira contacts are a great alternative to yucky, brittle other brands I've tried. I have had contacts dry out on my eye before, and it was terrible! With these, I never once had that problem, even when I accidentally wore mine longer! They were still moist!<br />

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By: Elena

Avaira contacts are all around great lenses

I love knowing that these UV blocking Avaira lenses are protecting my eyes in addition to giving me clear vision. Even better, they are also comfortable and hydrating!<br />

192 people found this review helpful.


By: Ben

Got my Avaira fast and cheap

I was able to buy my Avaira contacts here at a very low price. The customer service was fantastic, and I got them within days of ordering.<br />

222 people found this review helpful.


By: Sara

great relief to my dry eyes

My eyes are constantly dry, even with contacts that claim to keep them moist. However, after recently trying Avaira contacts, I finally have some relief. My eyes are very rarely dry anymore.<br />

224 people found this review helpful.


By: Samantha

I'm glad I found these contacts. They're the best!

There is nothing else like these Avaira lenses from CooperVision. My doc told me that they work naturally with your eyes moisture and that is why they are some comfortable. Some other lenses use synthetic wetting agents to get the same results. I never feel them in my eyes not even the next morning ( sometimes I forget to take them out at night). I don't have to carry around eye drops anymore with these and that great! And they are very affordable!! Definitely a great product.

497 people found this review helpful.


By: Janice

Switch to the Aviara contacts!!

My doctor gave me a trial pair of these Aviara contacts and I've been a big fan ever since! I can wear these contact all day and night and I don't even know they are in. I also get great vision with them. I can see clearly in pretty much any situation with the Aviara contacts. The prices on this site are almost half of what I would have to pay through my doctor, its like I am getting a box for free!

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By: Meg


I have been wearing contact lenses for 25+ years and having terrible dry eyes. Worst time is when I am driving, and when I get in to the mall building. All at sudden, I felt like I almost became blind. Rewet drop had never helped, actually it made my eyes more drier than before. Since I tried Avaira, I have never had dry eyes. That was the moment, I could see so clear all the time.<br />I shopped around to find the best deal and this site was the best price so far. I will reorder Avaira from this site again soon.

492 people found this review helpful.


By: Katie

give Coopervision Aviara contacts a try...

I have been wearing Aviara contact lenses for a couple of months now. I originally got them because I could not stand how dry my eye felt with contacts in. These Aviara contacts lenses have made my eyes feel great from morning to night. I wourd advise all contact lens wearers to give Aviara contact lenses a try.

493 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

Avaira contact lenses are manufactured by CooperVision. Avaira contacts offer many reasons why contacts feel comfortable. Avaira silicone hydrogel material makes the lens inherently wettable, requiring no surface treatment or wetting agents, and provides a high level of oxygen transmissibility. This translates to maximum comfort, optimal health, and excellent performance. Avaira's exceptional ability to both stay moist and transmit high levels of oxygen through the lens material is a result of our exclusive patented Aquaform technology. This creates a softer, more flexible lens material-meaning an extremely comfortable lens wearing experience.

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Material Content

54% Polymer (enfilcon A)

Water Content

46% H2O

Rated 9.8 stars from 10 customer reviews at 1-800-GET-LENS