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Biofinity Reviews

Rating: 5/5
- 17 reviews


By: Katie Sellner

Great Contact Lenses

Time and time again I choose Biofinity - great lens quality!

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By: Cathy Weiss

Comfortable fit

They don't dry my eyes out and they are comfortable to wear.

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By: Barbara George

I have used them for many years and love them.

I'm completely happy with the product and do not plan to change.

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By: Anonymous

Good value

Biofinity contacts work well for a good price

76 people found this review helpful.


By: Anonymous

I would recommend biofinity to anyone

I absolutely love this brand of contact. They are super comfy.

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By: Maya

My eyes actually feel healthier with Biofinity

My eyes are healthy and I'm very happy with my choice of Biofinity contact lenses. I love that they are easy to use and maintain, last a long time and can stay in my eyes if I forget about them. With how comfortable they feel, it's easy to forget!

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By: Everly

Nice clear vision

I plan to re-purchase these Biofinity contacts! They are super comfortable and hydrating, while also giving me clear vision. I love that I can keep them in overnight without irritation or dryness. I highly recommend!

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By: Jeremiah

Biofinity contacts keep me irritation free

Biofinity contact lenses make a great contact for anyone who suffers from eye irritation. I used to have eyes that felt like sandpaper after wearing contacts, but didn't have any of that when I wore these! I'm so glad I can safely wear contacts again.

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By: Greyson

These lenses have it all

I recommend these Biofinity contacts to anyone looking for an extended-wear disposable lens that is also comfortable. These lenses have it all!

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By: Sarah

hassle-free and convenient

I recently purchased my Biofinity contacts, and I could not be happier! They are incredibly hydrating and comfortable even on my longest days. Even better, they are hassle-free and convenient!

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By: chester morris

great lenses

I have tried other contacts..and always had problems. The biofinity by coopervision are by far the best! I wear them for 30 days sometimes more...if I forget to change them..
I put a drop of contact solution in each eye before bed and it cleans them during the night. They are a non fuss contact.

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By: Luanne Pulli

Nice lenses

Bioffinity lenses are very comfortable. I have worn contacts for almost 40 years now, and wore Cooper Vision non-disposable daily wear lenses for the past 20 years, which have been discontinued. Tried another brand before these that felt thick and chunky in my eyes. The only down side is that there is no tint to them and hard to see when handling, as my previous Cooper Vision lenses had.

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By: Doctor Partlow

Swell contacts

I've been wearing the Biofinity contact lenses for 2+ years now (literally) the only time I take these things out is when I change them. apparently that's not advised but when you base your life around efficiency and laziness you come to this juncture. what's the point of taking them out when they feel like they're not in. I've been wearing contacts for 15+ years and these are by car the best I've experienced.

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By: Grace

The best contact lenses I've ever tried

The Cooper Vision Biofinity lenses are the best contact lens I've ever tried! I've been wearing contact lenses for more than 15 years, and the Biofinity contact lens is the most outstanding one! I only wear this one now, although I've previously bought lots of other lenses (I used to wear), but I don't mind wasting them for the comfort of wearing Cooper Vision Biofinity lenses brings me!

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By: Ben


I love these cooper vision biofinity contact lenses. I wear them for a month at a time only taking them out if I have driven down a dirt road during that day. I require a blink and clean eye drop almost every mornining but that is no problem consibering I only have to touch my eyes once a month

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By: Ashley

No red-eyes with these!

The Biofinity contact lenses are awesome! I have never worn a contact lens that I could wear as long as this one without giving me bloodshot eyes. My eyes always stay clear with this lens. With my old lenses I used to have some problems with my eyes getting enough oxygen and my eyes were always red, but with these new Biofinity contacts my eyes are white and healthy.

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By: J Wright

Coopervision Biofinity, awesome contacts!

The Coopervision Biofinity lenses are the best in my opinion. Very comfortable, no dryness, my eyes feel healthier than ever. No matter if its the first day or the 40th day, really no different. Once you get used to taking them off, its done in seconds. I would suggest the Coopervision Biofinity contacts to new contact wearers as well. JW

531 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

CooperVision's Biofinity contact lenses offer exceptional comfort with the combination of high oxygen transmission, low modulus, and higher water content. CooperVision's revolutionary material, Comfilcon A, makes the lens inherently wettable, requiring no surface treatment or wetting agents, and provides a high level of oxygen transmissibility. This translates to maximum comfort, optimal health, and excellent performance. The aspheric front surface lens design improves visual performance, and the single base curve and back surface design enables fast and easy alignment.

Product Availability

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Material Content

52% Polymer (comfilcon A)

Water Content

48% H2O

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