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O2 Optix Reviews

Rating: 5/5
- 8 reviews

O2 Optix

By: James

O2 Optix are so affordable here

The price that I bought my O2 Optix contacts for seems almost unfair. I am so used to spending tons of money when buying contacts from my doctor, so it was refreshing to pay so little!

246 people found this review helpful.

O2 Optix

By: Cody

O2 Optix contact lenses are amazing

O2 Optix contacts are revolutionary, in my opinion. Never have I worn a contact that is so comfortable to the eyes! I was astounded the first day I put them in, and I still am now.

253 people found this review helpful.

O2 Optix

By: Shauna


I have worn 02 Optix for several years and they have been exactly what they say they are...breathable, comfortable and affordable!

497 people found this review helpful.

O2 Optix

By: gina

O2 Optics - My Favorite ever in 22 years

These BREATHE! I take the O2 Optics out every night ( I don't have to) and I clean them and they LAST (not recommended by doctor- you are supposed to throw them away after a few weeks, but they last me at least 3 months with fastidious cleaning). The O2 Optics contacts are the most comfortable lens I have worn in my entire 22 years of wearing different types of contacts. My doctor in the caribbean charges $80 a box for O2optics. Be happy for these prices and a least TRY these. They are the first contact that when I cleaned them, never tore.

516 people found this review helpful.

O2 Optix

By: Sabrina

02 Optix-Truly Phenomenal

My doctor switched me to the CIBA Vision O2 Optix contacts about 2 years ago. I had previously been wearing CooperVision and was in dire need of a change. He warned me that my cornea wouldn't be used to the oxygen that 02 Optix lens was going to let in, and they might take getting used to. I thought he was crazy, because this was the first time I'd ever worn contacts without discomfort; I didn't know you weren't supposed to feel them! O2 Optix lenses made such a difference, they're amazing!

517 people found this review helpful.

O2 Optix

By: Lindsey

First and Forever...well until I get lasik.

Ciba O2 Optix contacts are amazing! They were the first lenses I tried on and I couldn't ask for anything better. I can sleep in the Ciba Vision O2 Optix contact lenses and not wake up with red, dry, irritable eyes. I've been wearing my 02Optix 2 years and plan on using them until it's time for me to get lasik. I would recommend these affordable Ciba Vision O2 Optix lenses to anyone.

516 people found this review helpful.

O2 Optix

By: Katina


Ciba 02 Optix contact lenses are by far the best contacts I've ever had and I've been wearing contacts for about 20 years now. I got the 02 contacts because of the extended wear and I promise you, when I sleep with the O2 contacts in, I don't wake up the next day with dry eyes or watery eyes my eyes are GREAT, no itching, not dry or watery with the o2 contacts.

519 people found this review helpful.

O2 Optix

By: Patricia Marzett

O2Optix - my eyes don't itch anymore

Because I my eyes get very dry, my eyes use to itch really bad and I almost gave up on wearing contact lenses, until my Eye Doctor introduced me to o2optix contacts. Now I can wear the O2optix contact lenses longer and not get the itch in my eyes I felt before. Since I drive for a living it's very important for me to have comfortable sight.

517 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

Benefits of OP-2

  • Made in a wide range of parameters
  • Excellent visual acuity
  • Highly durable
  • Naturally deposit-resistant
  • Supports whiter, healthier eyes

Experience clearer, sharper vision than ever before with OP-2™. Place an order for OP-2 today and get it in your specific lens parameters!

More information about OP-2

OP-2 are rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contact lenses. With proper care and handling, each pair of OP-2 can be worn daily for up to a year before needing replacement.

OP-2 are custom-made so wearers can enjoy a precise fit and optimal visual acuity. When lenses fit properly, they are less likely to rotate or move around the eye and cause vision disturbances.

Because OP-2 are highly customizable, they can correct nearly any refractive error, like astigmatism, presbyopia, myopia, and hyperopia. RGP lenses like OP-2 are also especially suitable for those with high prescriptions for whom soft lenses don’t deliver the desired visual acuity.

Plus, OP-2 has little to no water content, making them resistant to surface deposit buildup that can cause irritation. They also allow oxygen to flow through for whiter, clearer, healthier eyes.

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Material Content

67% Polymer (lotrafilcon B)

Water Content

33% H2O