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SofLens 38 (Optima FW) SofLens 38 (Optima FW) Rx

SofLens 38 (Optima FW)

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SofLens 38 (Optima FW) Reviews

Rating: 4.9/5
- 7 reviews

SofLens 38 (Optima FW)

By: Sofia

SofLens 38 gave me no problems

Six lenses per box meant I don't have to purchase SofLens 38 as often, helping me save money. They fit really well and felt flexible and easy to put in my eye. I didn't have red eyes at the end of the day either, so I can wear them long term without problems.

210 people found this review helpful.

SofLens 38 (Optima FW)

By: Mya

SofLens 38 are perfect for my lifestyle

I stare at computers all day, and tend to get irritated eyes after a while. While wearing SofLens 38 I noticed I didn't get any irritation and my eyes still felt pretty good at the end of the day! I feel I can wear these at work all day and not have to worry.

221 people found this review helpful.

SofLens 38 (Optima FW)

By: Vallerie

SofLens 38 have beat all my expectations

These 1-2 week disposable SofLens 38 contacts are perfect for my routine. They are durable, comfortable and provide crisp, clear vision all day. I love being able to switch to a fresh pair every 7-14 days!

244 people found this review helpful.

SofLens 38 (Optima FW)

By: Traci

I highly recommend SofLens38 lenses

I recommend these SofLens38 contacts to all of my friends! They keep my eyes moist and comfortable even in the driest conditions. I don't even need eye drops anymore!

245 people found this review helpful.

SofLens 38 (Optima FW)

By: Linnea

good savings on awesome lenses

Long-lasting, affordable and more! I really like how long my SofLens 38 contacts last, and the fact that they come in a large amount of lenses per box. I didn't have to repurchase as often, and saved some money!

243 people found this review helpful.

SofLens 38 (Optima FW)

By: Lucas

These lenses are the best disposable weekly's.

The Bausch and Lomb Soflens 38 contact lenses from are the best weekly disposable lenses out there! I love the convenience of the weekly disposables so I wanted to find the best one. The Soflens 38 contacts are the most comfortable of any that I tried. I can wear the Soflens 38 lenses the longest and they don't give me dry eyes so they always feel great!

514 people found this review helpful.

SofLens 38 (Optima FW)

By: John C

No reason to switch lenses!

I have worn the SoftLens 38 contact lenses for 8 years and probably will forever. I can never feel the contacts when I am wearing them and they are very easy to maintain. These contact lenses are also very durable and I can usually wear them longer than 2 weeks if I take good care of them, which is easy.

513 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

Benefits of SofLens 38

  • Bi-weekly replacement lenses
  • FDA-approved for extended wear up to 7 days
  • Time-tested successful design 
  • High oxygen transmissibility 
  • Visibility tinted for easy handling

SofLens 38 (also called Optima FW) contact lenses treat near and farsightedness with high-performance lens material. The result is clear, crisp vision and comfort. Order yours from 1-800-GET-LENS today!

More information about SofLens 38

SofLens 38 contact lenses are designed to be disposed of after a week or two of wear. A time-tested contact lens, these contacts are made of a highly breathable material called polymacon. This material is resistant to protein buildup.

With a visibility tint for easy handling and removal, SofLens 38 are FDA-approved for extended wear for up to seven days and nights without removal, giving patients flexibility in their wearing schedules. Ask your eye care professional if you are approved for extended wear schedules. 

SofLens 38 contact lenses are a great choice for patients who need vision correction near or far and want a time-tested lens at a great price. 

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Bausch & Lomb

Material Content

62% Polymer (polymacon)

Water Content

38% H2O