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Focus Dailies

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Focus Dailies Reviews

Rating: 5/5
- 9 reviews

Focus Dailies

By: Jack Ambrose

Good experience

Fast shipping at a good price. Will order from again.

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Focus Dailies

By: Anonymous

Comfortable Lenses

I have been wearing Focus Dailies for years. They are the most comfortable lenses I’ve ever worn.

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Focus Dailies

By: David

focus Dailies 90

My mom buys these because I play basketball and they are great for if I lose one-it is easily replaceable. also, they allow my eye more oxygen.

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Focus Dailies

By: Debbie

Easy for a newbie like me!

I recently had a drastic change in my prescription and went from using my glasses for reading/computer only, to needing them continually. Because of this, I decided it was time to try contacts. My Doc prescribed me some daily contacts (don't remember the brand) and I was absolutely TORTURED the whole trial week. My eyes were incredibly dry and I kept getting what I later learned was tear film accumulated in the center of my contact, thus distorting my vision. I was taking them out and cleaning them 3-4 times/day and switching to my glasses as soon as I'd get home. I hated them! My doc switched me to Focus Dailies and my experience was a complete 180. I LOVE these! I never have to clean them... matter of fact, I don't even feel them after a few seconds! I put them on first thing in the morning and don't take them out until I'm headed to bed, although I do still use eye drops a couple of times/day due to my allergies. I would recommend these to all my friends and family.

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Focus Dailies

By: Sarah

feels like im wearing nothing!

feels like im wearing nothing with the focus daily contacts, really!! ive wore the 1day acuve before too and decided to try the ciba focus dailies contact lenses out, was worried the focus daily contacts be a little too small, but thye arnt! they perfect! really feels like i have 20/20 vision with the focus daily contact lenses, worked miricales for me!!! ;)

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Focus Dailies

By: Diana K

Focus Dailies 90 Pack-Best choice for daily lenses

The Focus Dailies 90 pack contacts are the greatest 1 day disposable lens out there. The wetness that the focus dailies 90 pack give my eyes all day long is amazing. They even feel better at the end of the day than the beginning! My doctor gave me a free trial pair of the Focus Dailies all day comfort contact lenses a couple of years ago and I haven't looked back! I love the convenience of the focus dailies contact lenses, it makes wearing contact so easy!

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Focus Dailies

By: Anonymous

Focus Dailies all day comfort-Better than anything

The Focus Dailies all day comfort contacts are just perfect in too many ways to put in words. Nothing has felt better in my eye than the focus daily contact lens. Try them and you'll want to buy focus dailies too!

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Focus Dailies

By: Kelly

Focus Dailys

I love these CIBA Focus Daily lenses! I have tried a few daily lenses before and non of them compared to these. The Ciba Focus Dailies on day contact lenses are by far the most comfortable thins I have put in my eye! The Focus daily contact lenses made my life so much easier! I don't have to worry about saline and cleaning products anymore with the focus dailys.

711 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies

By: julie

Ciba Focus Dailies contact lenses

Very happy with the ciba focus dailys contacts, I am prone to eye infections and these contacts are great, I have had no infections using Focus Dailies contacts. This is the first lens that that has ever happened with. I could never wear a contact lens all day before the Focus daily contact lenses.

712 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

Focus Dailies are daily disposable contact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision. Enjoy the best in comfort and convenience with Focus Dailies daily disposable contact lenses. They're a great choice whether you wear contact lenses every day, or just occasionally. You now have a clear choice for superior vision and comfort, Focus Dailies. Since you're wearing a new pair of lenses every time you put them on, you don't have to deal with all the cleaning and storage hassles of conventional contact lenses

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Material Content

31% Polymer (nelfilcon A)

Water Content

69% H2O

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