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Optima 38 / SP

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Optima 38 / SP Reviews

Rating: 4.9/5
- 10 reviews

Optima 38 / SP

By: Declan

These come with spares! That's awesome!

In the past, I have worried about losing or damaging my 1 month replacement lenses. With these Optima 38 contact lenses, I can relax, knowing that I have a back-up pair in the kit in case of loss or damage!

197 people found this review helpful.

Optima 38 / SP

By: Kaiden

Optima 38 are really easy to use

The monthly replacement schedule of these Optima 38 contacts is easy to follow! I rest assured knowing that I have an extra pair in the kit in case of unexpected damage.

196 people found this review helpful.

Optima 38 / SP

By: Nicholas

Optima 38 are my favorite lenses

I love these one-month Optima 38 lenses! The company even provides a back-up pair for easy replacement in case I damage or lose them before the month is up!

212 people found this review helpful.

Optima 38 / SP

By: Preston

Optima 38 are good for farsighted and nearsighted

These Optima 38 contact lenses are perfect for people like me that are both farsighted and nearsighted. They provide me with crisp, clear vision throughout the day, and never require adjustments!

215 people found this review helpful.

Optima 38 / SP

By: Carolyn

impressive for my first time wearing contacts

I recently purchased my first Optima 38 contacts, and I love them! The Optima 38 contacts keep my eyes moist the entire day, and never irritate my sensitive eyes.

245 people found this review helpful.

Optima 38 / SP

By: Sara

Optima 38 contacts are amazing

My new Optima 38 contacts are amazing! They stay in place all day, and do not require adjustments, like other contacts I have used.

246 people found this review helpful.

Optima 38 / SP

By: Mark

Awesome Optima 38

Optima 38 contacts are super great! I have a hard time with contacts due to my vision issues, and these fit comfortably and didn't irritate my eyes. The material of them was super flexible, making it easy to put them in and wear.

243 people found this review helpful.

Optima 38 / SP

By: Mark

Optima 38 contacts are totally great

Optima 38 contacts offer a great 30 day plan so you can use the same contacts for 30 days before you need to change! They also come with a spare set so if yours get damaged or lost, you're still covered and able to see.

242 people found this review helpful.

Optima 38 / SP

By: Casey

Extremely comfortable contacts

If you are looking for a comfortable monthly disposable lens you have come to the right place! The Optima 38/SP monthly disposable lenses are the most comfortable contacts that I have ever put into my eye. It doesn't even feel like I have anything in my eye which is great. The convenience of the monthly disposable lens is great too!

513 people found this review helpful.

Optima 38 / SP

By: Breanna P.

Very comfortable

Optima 38/SP is the most comfortable monthly disposable contact lens on the market. I can wear these the longest without the lens getting uncomfortable in my eye. These lenses also don't give me dry eyes which is also great. I love the convenience of the monthly so this is the lens for me!

513 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

Optima 38 has been a leading brand of disposable contact lenses for over 10 years due to the excellent comfort and vision it offers. The SP offers a packaging option designed for your convenience.

These lenses are tinted for ease of handling and will not change the color of your eye. The tint is simply designed to facilitate locating the contact lenses in solution.

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Bausch & Lomb

Material Content

62% Polymer (polymacon)

Water Content

38% H2O