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    "id": "1",
    "sitename": "1800GetLens",
    "sitedisplayname": "1-800-GET-LENS",
    "commonfolder": "lens/",
    "sitebasedatafolder": "C:/sites/4pillarsites/Emere/sites/",
    "template": "search",
    "datafile": "search",
    "loggedin": "false",
    "shopperIpAddress": "",
    "templateroot": "C:/sites/4pillarsites/Emere/app/design/templates/",
    "templatefolder": "search",
    "datafolder": "C:/sites/4pillarsites/Emere/sites/",
    "datacollectiontype": "multi",
    "surlprefix": "",
    "pscode": "",
    "viewall": "",
    "start": "0",
    "rowsInterval": "24",
    "rows": "24",
    "issuggestion": "",
    "vpquantity": "",
    "contacts": "False",
    "preview": "False",
    "appendsearch": "",
    "type": "searchurl",
    "pillar": "",
    "apisearch": "true",
    "uploadurl": "",
    "lenswebapi": "",
    "shopperid": "",
    "page": "1",
    "urlfacets": "/ray-ban:ray-ban rx--brand"

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