Preference Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.7/10 - 26 reviews

Preference DW/FW (Pink Box)

Monthly Disposable - 6 reviews

These Preference DW contacts keep my eyes hydrated and irritant-free all day long! I love the convenience of these disposable lenses and I get a fresh pair every month.

Preference Standard (Blue Box)

Monthly Disposable - 7 reviews

These Preference Standard contacts have everything that I look for in contact lenses! They are always comfortable, even on my longest days, and my vision has never been sharper!

Preference Toric DW

Toric Lenses - 7 reviews

The cleaning and replacement schedule for Preference Toric DW contact lenses is really easy to follow. I had problems following these before, but these contacts made it so simple. Daily cleaning, tinting to find them and a long-lasting lens make them great!

Preference Toric XR

Toric Lenses - 6 reviews

These Preference Toric XR contacts are convenient and comfortable while also correcting my astigmatism! I love how hydrated my eyes feel with these contacts! I highly recommend!

Rated 9.7 stars from 26 customer reviews at 1-800-GET-LENS