Sophie Turner’s Sunglasses Shine Amid Joe Jonas Divorce Drama


Amid the whirlwind of headlines surrounding the tumultuous split between “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner and pop sensation Joe Jonas, a pair of sunnies caught our eye.

Sophie’s choice of eyewear has become a silent yet striking statement as controversies brew, with allegations of “wrongful retention” of their children and ensuing custody battles. Spotted recently with custody attorney Catherine Bedford outside Taylor Swift’s New York City residence, where Sophie has been seeking solace, the actress wore a casual ensemble: a gray hoodie jacket, classic jeans, and black oversize glasses.

The large, enigmatic glasses, reminiscent of Ray-Ban’s signature style, seemed to shield the mother-of-two from both the glaring sun and the equally glaring public eye.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Unexpected Divorce Drama

As the world grapples with the surprising unraveling of what many had deemed a fairytale romance, we dive deeper into the details that led to the sudden separation of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas.


Sophie and Joe’s love story began as many modern tales do: with a slide into the DMs. In 2016, Joe made the digital move, sparking a relationship that quickly captivated fans around the world. By 2019, they were married, celebrating with both a surprise Vegas wedding and a lavish ceremony in France.

Fast forward to 2023, a mere few years and two children later, and the skies darkened. Joe filed for divorce on September 1st, claiming their relationship was “irretrievably broken.” The couple tried to quell the tabloid storm with a united statement, but Joe’s subtle nod to the split during a Jonas Brothers concert and Turner’s night out with Joe’s ex, Taylor Swift, added fuel to the speculative fire.

The drama quickly escalated with legal battles. Sophie, alleging “wrongful detention” of their children by Jonas, received a blow when a legal mandate prevented the children’s removal from the US. This narrative took another twist when she claimed she was blindsided by the divorce filing, learning of it through media channels — a point Joe’s camp swiftly contested.

With a custody trial scheduled for January 2, 2023, and both stars pinned by professional commitments, the world watches with bated breath.

Sophie Turner’s Sunglasses: A Consistent Fashion Statement

While Sophie’s relationship with Joe may have been brief, her love for statement sunglasses has been a consistent thread in their shared narrative. Throughout their whirlwind romance, the paparazzi have often captured Sophie wearing an array of chic shades. While she’s been known to wear vision correcting glasses, it’s her sunglasses selection, paired with contact lenses that’s drawn attention.

Whether stepping out for a casual brunch or attending high-profile events, Sophie’s sunglasses choices have been as much a talking point as her red carpet looks.

Here are five sunglasses that accompanied her moments with Joe.

1. Bold Oversize


Sophie showcased her laid-back maternity style in May 2020 when she stepped out with Joe for a walk at a beach in Santa Barbara. Embracing the Memorial Day Weekend, she exuded casual chic in a roomy gray sweatshirt layered over a T-shirt that teased a glimpse of her blossoming baby bump.

Oversize black sunnies were the star accessory of her laid-back look, proving once again the indispensable nature of sunglasses in summer. She completed her look with a white mask and tied her hair back in a bun.

Ray-Ban RB2140 - Original Wayfarer

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2. Statement Cat Eye


There’s something timelessly elegant about the streets of New York City, and when Sophie stepped out with her then-fiancé Joe, she easily became part of the city’s style narrative.

Opting for a relaxed yet polished aesthetic, Sophie sported a casual white long-sleeve top with sleeves lazily rolled to her forearm. Paired with denim shorts, the simplicity of her outfit created the perfect canvas for her standout accessory: sharp, black cat eye sunglasses.

The cat eye design, with its dramatic upward tilt at the outer corners, exudes an air of vintage glam, making it a striking choice for those aiming to leave an impression. Cat eye sunnies also offer a playful yet sophisticated twist, instantly elevating even the most casual of looks.

Michael Kors MK2040F - Divya

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3. Cream Retro


The charm of the past often finds its way back into contemporary fashion, and 2021 witnessed Sophie embracing this very essence when she stepped out with Joe in Paris.

Sophie wore a casual white T-shirt and gray sweatpants — an ensemble made sophisticated by the addition of an oversized cream short-sleeve button-up. And complementing this ensemble perfectly were her rectangle retro glasses in cream.

Retro rectangle glasses have made a notable comeback in recent years, blending vintage charm with modern sensibilities. But what stood out in Sophie’s fashion statement were the cream frames.

While black sunglasses remain a timeless classic, experimenting with different-colored frames can be a game-changer. Such unconventional shades, especially when coordinated with an outfit, can uplift the entire look, making it both trendy and unique.

Versace VE2021

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4. Butterfly Chic


Love was very much in the air for Sophie and Joe in October 2018. Amidst the whirlwind of wedding preparations, the couple took a brief detour into the world of ink, immortalizing their bond with matching tattoos. Both Sophie and Joe have showcased their love for tattoos on numerous occasions, but matching designs took their ink game to a new level.

Sophie was spotted wearing a pair of stylish oversize butterfly sunglasses for the occasion, lending an aura of mystique to her ensemble. These glasses, with their distinctive shape, are the embodiment of chic, effortlessly turning any outfit into a fashion statement.

Michael Kors MK1005

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5. Two-Tone


In April 2018, Sophie exhibited a playfulness with her fashion choices during a casual stroll in Beverly Hills with her then-fiancé Joe.

Wearing a comfy white hoodie paired with black skinny jeans, the “Game of Thrones” actress perfectly accentuated her monochromatic ensemble with an unexpected accessory: two-toned black and white sunglasses.

These unique square plastic sunnies boasted contrasting tops and bottoms in alternating shades. What’s especially captivating is how, from a distance, the white seamlessly blended with her skin tone, making the glasses appear as quirky black sunglasses with a mysterious graphic twist.

While Sophie may often opt for athleisure and classic wardrobe staples on her days off, moments like these prove she’s a lover of style and isn’t afraid to experiment, even with as quirky an accessory as two-toned black and white sunglasses.


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Amidst the legal maelstrom and personal heartaches, Sophie’s recent appearance in statement sunglasses offers a fleeting, stylish respite, showcasing her resilience amidst personal storms. Emulate her personal style with any of the sunnies listed above!

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