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Extreme H2O 54%

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Extreme H2O 54% Reviews

Rating: 4.5/5
- 2 reviews

Extreme H2O 54%

By: Tyler

So moist and comfortable

I have never felt such moisture from a contact lens before. I stare at a computer screen all day and have always had trouble with my eyes getting dry. I went through eye drops like crazy! My doctor gave me a trial pair of these contacts and I didn't look back! My eyes always stay moisturized and I am never using drops any more, it is so convenient!

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Extreme H2O 54%


So comfortable and clear

I never thought a contact lens could take care of my dry eyes for an entire day but this one definitely did. With other contacts that I wore in the past my eyes would become dry in like 4-5 hours and I would have to rewet them all day if I didn't want to put my glasses on. The Extreme H20 54% contacts lenses have taken care of my dry eyes for good. If you have dry eyes you gotta get these contacts.

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Product Information

Extreme H2O 54% are monthly disposable contact lenses produced by Hydrogel Vision Corp. Ordinary disposable soft contact lenses attract protein deposits, which can cause irritation leading to discomfort, redness, and potential complications. Extreme H2O 54% lenses are made with non-ionic materials that resist protein deposits keeping your eyes clear, comfortable and healthy.

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Material Content

46% Polymer (hioxifilcon D)

Water Content

54% H2O

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