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MyDay Daily Disposable 90PK

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MyDay Daily Disposable 90PK Reviews

Product Information

MyDay Daily Disposable contact lenses from CooperVision are a daily lens designed for wearers looking for the ultimate in comfort along with a well-rounded set of features. These lenses are amongst the softest of daily lenses available (0.4MPa), known as a low modulus rating. A soft lens tends to provide a comfortable wearing experience with low ‘lens awareness’ - you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing contacts. They require delicate handling as a consequence.Accompanying this feature, are the same set of technologies that make all CooperVision-made contacts so popular. The Aberration Neutralizing System provides a customized shape to the contact lens, necessary as every wearer has a slightly different eye curvature. This system leads to incoming light rays converging for better focus and sharp vision. Meanwhile, Aquaform Technology locks in water within the structure of the lens material, enabling comfort and clear, white eyes throughout the day. Finally, MyDay Daily Disposable contacts are equipped with UV protection (Class II) to be paired with sunglasses for significant protection from sun exposure. Buy discount MyDay Daily Disposable contact lenses today and save at

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Material Content

46% Polymer (stenfilcon A)

Water Content

54% H2O

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