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Silsoft Aphakic Adult

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

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Silsoft Aphakic Adult Reviews

Rating: 5/5
- 11 reviews

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

By: Kai

Grateful for SilSoft contacts in my recovery

A friend turned me on to these SilSoft contact lenses after my recent cataract surgery. They live up to their description. I wear them overnight with no issues, and my vision is clear and irritant free!

195 people found this review helpful.

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

By: Carson

Silsoft were great after getting my cataract fixed

I will definitely be re-purchasing these SilSoft contact lenses! They have been perfect for my eyes following cataract surgery. My vision has never been better!

199 people found this review helpful.

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

By: Skylar

SilSoft contact lenses are awesome

I love the SilSoft contact lenses! I was worried I would not find a comfortable pair following my cataract surgery, but these lenses are easy-to-use and comfortable! I highly recommend you try these!

202 people found this review helpful.

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

By: Samantha

recommend to everyone for a post surgery lens

I highly recommend these SilSoft Aphasic lenses to anyone who has had cataract surgery. I have used them post-surgery with no issues, and can even wear them over night if necessary!

212 people found this review helpful.

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

By: Bryce

SilSoft contacts were perfect after my surgery

If you are looking for a perfect post-cataract surgery contact lens, look no further. These SilSoft Aphasic lenses keep my vision clear, and I can keep them in overnight! I will be repurchasing.

223 people found this review helpful.

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

By: Cori

My vision is like perfect now with my lenses

My vision is clear and sharp when I use the SilSoft Aphakic contacts! They keep my eyes comfortable throughout the entire day. I highly recommend these!

249 people found this review helpful.

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

By: Tracy

So happy with my SilSoft Aphasics

I was so happy to find a pair of contacts I could wear overnight following my cataract surgery! These SilSoft Aphasic contacts are soft and comfortable for longterm wear.

247 people found this review helpful.

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

By: Michelle

No irritation or dryness with Silsoft Aphakic

With Silsoft Aphakic contacts, recovering from my surgery was easy! I could wear these lenses day and night, and still felt like my eyes were comfortable. No irritation or dryness after wearing them, either!

247 people found this review helpful.

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

By: Kristina

Perfect contacts for my post surgery

I was scared when I heard I had to have cataract surgery, but then my doctor gave me Silsoft Aphakic contacts. They were really nice to wear, and I could sleep and do normal activities with them all day long without having red or painful eyes.

246 people found this review helpful.

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

By: Jeffery

Designed especially for my situation

After I had cataract surgery and I didn't have an intraocular lens implanted I started wearing the Silsoft Aphakic Adult contact lens. It was very comfortable and I could barely feel it in my eyes. It didn't irritate them in any way so I was happy with that.

517 people found this review helpful.

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

By: Megan G

More comfortable than I thought

I did not think this lens would be as comfortable as it was in my eyes but it was great. I put it in and I couldn't feel it from the start. It did not irritate my eye at all so it was great! always has the lowest price online too. I have looked around at a few sites and this ones has the lowest price of them all.

517 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

Benefits of SilSoft Aphakic Adult

  • Specialty contact lens for aphakia
  • FDA-approved for up to 30 days of continuous wear
  • Highly breathable
  • Non-drying
  • Supports healthy eyes

SilSoft™ Aphakic Adult is a highly recommended choice for adults who have had cataract surgery without an intraocular lens being implanted (aphakia). Order SilSoft Aphakic Adult today from 1-800-GET-LENS!

More information about SilSoft Aphakic Adult

SilSoft Aphakic Adult is a specially designed soft contact lens for adults with aphakia. With aphakia, a person does not have a lens in one or both eyes, whether due to a congenital defect, an eye injury, or cataract surgery.

SilSoft Aphakic Adult is approved for daily wear and can also be worn overnight or for 30 days straight when your eye care professional approves.

Manufactured by optical innovation leader Bausch & Lomb, SilSoft Aphakic Adult allows more oxygen to pass through than any other soft contact lens for aphakia.

SilSoft Aphakic Adult also has a low water content, which means it won’t dry your eyes. This makes SilSoft Aphakic Adult a suitable option for people with aphakia who experience eye dryness during lens wear.

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Bausch & Lomb

Material Content

99.8% Polymer (elastofilcon A)

Water Content

0.2% H2O