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Expressions Colors

I've always wanted a different eye color, but was afraid wearing contacts would bother my eyes. Expressions Colors gives me the best of both! I now have a natural looking different eye color, and my eyes still feel comfortable and happy with all day wear.


Expressions Colors

I recommend these Expressions Colors contacts to anyone that wants to experiment with eye color! They come in a wide range of color options and are easy-to-use and comfortable!


Expressions Colors

I am so happy I finally found a contact lens that give me a realistic blue eye color! In addition to giving me the perfect eye color, they also keep my eyes hydrated, even in the driest conditions!


Expressions Colors

In addition to giving me crystal-clear vision, these Expressions Colors contact lenses keep my eyes hydrated all day long. Even after staring at a computer screen all day, I don't need eye drops when I am wearing these lenses.


Expressions Colors

I will definitely re-purchase these Expressions Colors contacts in hazel! I love the way they make my eye color pop, and they also give me crisp, clear vision all day long!


Expressions Colors

I was skeptical about trying colored contacts, but when I first looked in the mirror with my Expression Color contacts in, I was stunned at how great they looked. The colors are amazing!


Expressions Colors

I have always wanted to try colored contacts, so I bought Expression Colors contacts. They really do make my eye color stand out, while all looking completely natural.


Expressions Colors

I have been unable to wear contacts for years now due to dry eyes. I have tried several different brands of contacts and would continue to have problems with irritation and redness after only a day of wearing them. I have had no problems with my contacts now and am able to wear with out any irritation or redness and would recommend to anyone needin


Expressions Colors

My eyes have never looked as good with any other contact as they do with the Expression colors contacts. I've lost track of all of the compliments I have gotten on my eyes whenever I wear these lenses. It is much more than with any other one. The lens is super comfortable along with being pretty.


Expressions Colors

Expressions contacts are the best color contacts for me. The color is amazing! I wear the blue most of the time and people think it's my natural color. I also have the green, which is really intense, not as believable as the blue. I had tried Freshlook and Acuvue contacts in the past and they just didn't sit right. But I can wear Expressions for 16

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