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Halloween Contact Lenses

About Polymer Technology Contacts

The Polymer Technology Corporation’s advances in lens materials and optics, specifically in the area of gas permeable lenses, have crowned them one of the world’s most innovative leaders in vision care. If their fluorinated gas permeable was not enough, Polymer Technology Corporation went on to develop the Aercor GP chemical architecture significantly decreasing silicone levels in the material matrix. Simply put, Polymer Technology Corporation is working to give your eyes a rest.

Polymer Technology Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.1/10 - 17 reviews

Boston EO

Gas Permeable

I had soft contacts for 20 years before discovering the RGP. I am AMAZED at the difference. I could not keep the soft lens in place and they always bothered me. I have perfect vision with the RGP. I have been wearing them for 3 years now and I can not believe how great my vision is with these. It only took about a week to get used to them - but onc...

Boston ES

Gas Permeable

The Boston ES is a quality lens. It is super comfortable and last a long time. I can see great and its easy to take care of. has the best prices on the Boston ES lens. They are the least expensive from all online suppliers and sellers and I usually get my lenses faster than expected.

Boston II

Gas Permeable

The Boston II gas permeable lens is the best for eyes. I wear this contact lens all day long and it always stays moist and comfortable. I never get dry or bloodshot eyes with this thing. It is very strong and lasts a long time if you take good care of it which is pretty easy.

Boston IV

Gas Permeable

The Boston IV is a great contact lens. I have been wearing it for about 4 years now and am very satisfied. It gives me great sight and it is very comfortable. has the best buy on Boston IV lenses. Buying on this site is very convenient, I can get my lenses delivered mail order direct to patient at the lowest price.

Boston XO

Gas Permeable

This lens is the best rgp! The Boston XO gas permeable lens is very comfortable. I always wear it all day long with no problems. I almost never have to put in eye drops. The lens also gives me the best sight I have ever had with a contact lens. I get clear and crisp vision at all distances. I am sticking with this lens!

Boston Equalens

Gas Permeable

When it comes to rgps the Boston Equalens is the top dog. This is one high quality contact lens. I have never had one that didn't last at least a year and I have never had one that scratches. Its great not having to buy contact lenses all of the time. Its also very comfortable and gives me the vision correction that I need.

Boston Equalens II

Gas Permeable

I love this lens! The Boston Equalens II gas permeable contact lens is super comfortable. I was amazed when I put it in my eye the first time. My eyes stay moisturized all throughout the day. My prescription has changed a few time and this lens has given me great sight through every change.

Boston XO2

Gas Permeable

The Boston XO2 made contacts easy for me. This lens is very easy to take care of and to put in and remove from my eye. It also lasts a long time so I don't always have to buy replacement lenses. The sight it gives me is just as good as my glasses and better than any other contact lens. Its convenient not to have to mess with glasses too.