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Paragon Vision Sciences Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9/10 - 12 reviews

Fluoroperm 30

Gas Permeable

The Fluoroperm 30 gas permeable lens is the most comfortable RGP on the market. No other lens has given my eyes such perfect acute vision. They stay moist and comfortable even after long periods. The lens fits my eye great and it is extremely stable.

Fluoroperm 60

Gas Permeable

I have worn a couple of gas permeable contact lenses in the past and the best on I have worn is the Fluoroperm 60 contact lens. The thicker design is perfect for my difficult prescription. Plus, they last much longer than any others I've used. makes very easy to order my lenses since they have all of my information already in the...

Fluoroperm 92

Gas Permeable

After I had eye surgery, these lenses were a life-saver. It would have been very inconvenient to have to wear my glasses, but I was worried I couldn't wear contacts with my eyes so sensitive. With these lenses, it was no problem. My eyes could breathe and they stayed moist. I would recommend this lens for everyone.

Paragon HDS

Gas Permeable

The Paragon HDS gas permeable contact lens is a great lens! This contact gives me great sight. Everything that I see is crystal clear and there is no blurriness whatsoever. It fits my eye great and gives me amazing comfort. This lens just makes wearing contacts so much more convenient!

Paragon HDS 100

Gas Permeable

I love the Paragon HDS 100 because it is so comfortable. I never get irritated or itchy eyes with this lens so they are always clear and looking their best! I don't have to always put in eye drops like I had to with my other rgps that I wore in the past. This lens also lasts me a long time so it saves me money!

Paragon Thin

Gas Permeable

The paragon thin rgp is the best gas permeable contact lens on the market. It is a very durable lens. I have never had one that has scratched or torn or even gotten cloudy on me and I have been wearing them for 8 years! The lens is very comfortable. I can just put it into my eye in the morning and then forget about it.