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Focus Dailies
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Focus Dailies
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Focus Night & Day

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Focus contacts?
Focus contact lenses are manufactured by Ciba Vision.
Are Focus contacts comfortable?
Yes, most Focus contacts are daily disposable lenses making them less prone to surface build-up and irritation. The lenses are made with a hydrogel material that promotes breathability and comfort.
What are the different replacement schedules of Focus contact lenses?
Focus are daily disposable and monthly disposable lenses.
What are Focus contacts made from?
Focus contact lenses are made form a hydrogel and silicone hydrogel material.

Focus Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.9/10 - 33 reviews

Focus Dailies

Daily Disposable

Used for years, love safety of daily contacts.
Focus Dailies Progressives contacts are able to keep my eyes moist all day long, and at the end of the day I can simply toss them out. These contacts are great to wear on a daily basis.

Focus Monthly Visitint

Monthly Disposable

I have worn these lense for a very long time. They have to be the most comfortable lenses ever......... Highly would recommend....

Focus Night & Day

Monthly Disposable

I had Lasik surgery a few years ago; however, for the year or two prior to having surgery, I had switched to Focus Night & Day and was AMAZED at how comfortable they were. As the other reviewers here mentioned, you can't even tell they're in your eyes. I never had any problems with them and it was so nice not to have to wake up each day and put i...