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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Expressions contacts?
Expressions contacts are manufactured by CooperVision.
Are Expressions contacts comfortable?
Expressions are comfortable while still providing clear vision thanks to their hydrogel material - a thin water-infused polymer.
How long do Expressions contacts last?
Expressions are monthly disposable lenses. They come in a 6-pack, 6-month supply.
What are Expressions contacts made from?
Expressions are made from a hydrogel material. This material has a high biocompatibility with the human eye.
What are the features of Expressions contacts?
Expressions contact lenses come in eight available colors: aqua, blue, blue topaz, brown, etc.

Expressions Contact Lens Reviews

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I've always wanted a different eye color, but was afraid wearing contacts would bother my eyes. Expressions Colors gives me the best of both! I now have a natural looking different eye color, and my eyes still feel comfortable and happy with all day wear.