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Clariti 1-Day
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Clariti 1-Day
Clariti 1-Day Toric
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Clariti 1-Day Toric

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Clariti Brand Products 8 Boxes
Clariti 1-Day $290
Clariti 1-Day Multifocal $160
Clariti 1-Day Toric $180

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Clariti contacts?
In 2009, CooperVision, one of the top producers of contact lenses worldwide, introduced the Clariti line of contact lenses.
Are Clariti contacts comfortable?
Yes, Clariti contact lenses have a 56% water content to guarantee comfortability. These are also a good choice for people who prefer the convenience of a daily disposable lens.
What are the different types of Clariti contacts?
Clariti contacts which include: Clariti 1-Day, Clariti 1-Day Multifocal, and Clariti 1-Day Toric. These are all daily disposable lenses.
Can I sleep in Clariti contacts?
No, you cannot sleep with wearing daily-use lenses. Remember to replace your Clariti lenses with a fresh pair each day.
How long do Clariti contacts last?
Clariti lenses can be worn comfortably for around 16 hours before they should be replaced with a new pair of lenses.

Clariti Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 10/10 - 8 reviews

Clariti 1-Day

Daily Disposable

Comfortable, easy to use.