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Biomedics Toric

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Biomedics contacts?
CooperVision, the third-largest global soft contact lens manufacturer, makes Biomedics contact lenses.
Who can wear Biomedics contacts?
Biomedics' range of contact lenses may be the best option for people searching for aspheric, toric, or lenses that resist dryness.
Can I sleep with Biomedics contacts in?
Biomedics contacts that are approved for extended wear include Biomedics 38, Biomedics Toric, etc. We strongly suggest consulting your ECP first before sleeping with contact lenses.
What are the different types of Biomedics contacts?
Biomedics come in daily disposable and bi-weekly disposable contact lenses.
Can I shower with Biomedics contacts?
No, do not take a shower while wearing your Biomedics contacts. This applies to all contact lenses.

Biomedics Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.6/10 - 32 reviews

Biomedics 38 (UltraFlex 38)

1-2 Week Disposable

There aren't many better contact lenses out there than Biomedics 38 contacts. My eyes are moist all day long, and they are great for their 1-2 week duration.
There are times when I forget I am even wearing Biomedics 55 contacts, they are just that comfortable.

Biomedics Toric

Toric Lenses

I was astounded how clear my vision was once I tried on Biomedic Toric contacts. Never before has a contact lens improved my vision like these ones have.

Biomedics 55 Premier Asphere

1-2 Week Disposable

Love how I donít even realize they are in even after days

Biomedics XC

1-2 Week Disposable

I needed a change of pace after my eyes had suffered through countless brands of contacts, in which none were able to keep my eyes moist. This changed when I first bought Biomedics XC contacts, and they continue to hold up.
The Biomedics 1 Days are some great contact lenses! I have always loved the convenience of the daily disposable contact lens. I have tried most of the major ones and these are the most comfortable. I can wear this one comfortable for the longest time out of any of them. They never irritate my eyes or make them bloodshot.

Biomedics EP (Proclear EP)

1-2 Week Disposable

This lenses are awesome. Took me a while to get accustom to them (about a month) but now it feels like something normal to my eye. Sometimes I even forget to remove the contact lenses at bed time.