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PureVision MultiFocal

  • As Low As: $38.50 per box
  • Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
  • Type: Bifocal Lenses
  • Contains: 6 Lenses per Box
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$38.50per box
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PureVision MultiFocal
PureVision MultiFocal
PureVision MultiFocal Rx

Enter Prescription

Can't find your prescription? It's on the side of the box!
Prescription Information:
  • OD right eye
  • OS left eye
  • Brand name eg. Acuvue
  • BC / Base Curve a number between 8.0 and 10.0
  • DIA / Diameter a number between 13.0 and 15.0
  • Power / Sphere / Rx a number between -20 and +20
In Addition for astigmatic patients:
  • Cylinder a number between -4.00 and +4.00
  • Axis a number between 0 and 180
  • Cylinder and Axis are usually separated by a x
For Multifocal, Bifocal lenses or Presbyopia:

"Addition" or "add" is usually preceded by "+" or is listed as "low", "mid" or "high" depending on the lens manufacturer.

Quantity Base Curve Diameter Power Addition Price per Box (as low as)
Right Eye (OD) $38.50 $38.50
Left Eye (OS) $38.50 $38.50
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  • Free lens case with every bottle
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Product Information:

PureVision Multi-Focal are disposable contact lenses manufactured by Bausch & Lomb. Thanks to a unique rounded edge design, PureVision lenses fit comfortably in your eyes all day, and well into the night. Plus, unlike most contact lenses, PureVision lenses are for daily wear and are FDA-approved for up to 30 days of continuous wear. Designed to provide 30 days of excellent vision and comfort - easy to remember to replace them once a month.

We at 1-800-GET-LENS guarantee your PureVision MultiFocal contacts (manufactured by Bausch & Lomb) to be 100% exactly as your optometrist or ophthalmologist prescribed. Take advantage of our Lowest Price Guarantee (as low as $38.50) and buy your PureVision MultiFocal contact lenses online from our safe and secure web site. The whole order process should take a few minutes. But if you encounter any difficulties at all, we'll be happy to take your order by phone. Simply call us toll-free at 1-800-GET-LENS (1-800-438-5367) and receive the attentive customer service you deserve. When you want fast, friendly service and great prices, we want you to think of 1-800-GET-LENS.

PureVision MultiFocal Reviews

Rating: 9.5/10 - 8 reviews
195 people found the following review helpful:

PureVision MultiFocal

Written By: Anonymous

Just Fabulous!

I also have a very high prescription for nearsightedness (-9.00 in both eyes), and was so frustrated when I started to experience problems with reading due to my age. I hated not being able to read ANYTHING unless I had reading glasses, and how incredibly inconvenient it was. Plus, I was always breaking or loosing them. So, I said, let me try some bifocal contacts, and sure enough, the first pair I tried (PureVision Multifocal contacts) were perfect! I can see far and near and everywhere in between now! Thank you, thank you! I highly recommend them!

190 people found the following review helpful:

PureVision MultiFocal

Written By: Anonymous

Great Contacts

I love my PureVision Multifocal lenses. The PureVision Multifocal contacts are the most comfortable lenses I have ever wore. I even sleep with mine in and the comfort is amazing.

189 people found the following review helpful:

PureVision MultiFocal

Written By: L

No more dry eyes

The key for me is dry eyes. This is my first time in a multi-focal lens. The pure vision multifocal contact lenses are VERY comfortable. The diameter of this lens is about the smallest for me 14.0, if I go any larger they dry out my eyes. They give me a more clearer vision than the accuvue oasys. The eye doctor also told me they are a better/cleaner lens since they are a once a month lens and not a once a week lens or daily lens.

193 people found the following review helpful:

PureVision MultiFocal

Written By: Anonymous

Easy to Wear and Adjust To

After wearing hard contacts for 35 years, I quit when approaching menopause made my eyes dry, plus using computers at work ruined my close up vision. After 3 weeks, I am loving the pure vision multifocal lenses. Easy to put in and take out, so comfortable with easy adjustment to wearing them. I do alot of close work, and can now do it with my pure vision multifocal contacts, far vision not perfectly sharp but i was warned that I would have to choose clarity close or distance.

191 people found the following review helpful:

PureVision MultiFocal

Written By: Rebecca Somerhalder

PureVision MultiFocal Changed My Life!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been wearing the Pure Vision Multi-Focal - bifocal contacts and I have recommended them to all my friends. They have literally changed my life. I had tried another brand of bifocal lenses and could not get used to them. I have been wearing this brand for more than 2 years and LOVE them. I wear them continually for 30 days including sleeping in them. They never get dry, never pop out, no problems with night time driving... no problems whatsoever. Thank you - thank you - thank you

190 people found the following review helpful:

PureVision MultiFocal

Written By: Dru

Excellent Purevision Multifocal Contacts

I must focus in the pharmacy all day long; computer screen, faces, prescriptions(some actually legible :), reading, many ranges. These lens are the best by far. The Pure Vision Multi Focal lenses are 30 day lens but with daily cleaning and on/off 12 hour rotation: these are awesome. My eyes don't notice the lens' in -and- rest comfortably when lens are out. They do not require cleaner rubbing; just storage in fresh fluid; daily is most comfortable. 10.0!

214 people found the following review helpful:

PureVision MultiFocal

Written By: agnes c.

I love PureVision Multi Focal

I sleep in my Bausch and Lomb PureVision MultiFocal contact lenses for approx. 5 nights at a time, then give my eyes one night of rest. I have gone over the 30 day wear period on occasion with no problem, but I try to stay in the limit. My reading vision is not quite as clear as with glasses, but close.
First time I used PureVision MultiFocal contact lense they required a couple days to get used to them; now I never even know I have them on.

219 people found the following review helpful:

PureVision MultiFocal

Written By: Vicki

Bausch and Lomb PureVision Multi Focal

I just received the Bausch & Lomb Purevision Multi focal contact lenses and really like them. Very comfortable. I usually wear monovision contacts or no line bifocal glasses. I would rate these as better than monovision, not quite as good as my no line bifocal glasses. Distance is great. Close up is pretty good --some ghosting (little blurring), but can still read small print. Can wear these for long periods of time, even sleep in them.

Rated 9.5 stars from 8 customer reviews at 1-800-GET-LENS